Why a Fixed Retainer May Be Right for You

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When all your orthodontic care is said and done and you finally get your braces off, it inhibits a sense of freedom as you get eat whatever and however you want. In addition, your dental hygiene routine is less demanding and your smile is as beautiful as you had imagined it would be. However, an important factor of your brace-less smile is in the efforts made to retain it.

Drs. DeArment, Lill, and Larson will ensure you receive the most optimal retainer for your needs, but it is ultimately up to you to wear it and clean it as directed. So, if you’re forgetful or lose things easily, a retainer can seem intimidating to keep track of. Many people with these tendencies do not wear their retainer as directed and can begin to lose the alignment of their new smile.

For these reasons, a fixed retainer may be right for you. To properly care for your smile after this new appliance is bonded, you’ll have to use a floss threader. You may have used this same floss when you had braces. So, although it can create a lengthy dental hygiene routine, it has the most successful outcome for retaining your smile’s new position.

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