Caring for Your Smile During an Orthodontic Emergency

Sometimes when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, the unexpected arises. Some relatively common emergencies include having a loose or broken wire or bracket causing discomfort or accidentally losing an Invisalign® aligner! You wouldn't be the first to toss out an aligner after taking it out to eat. But don't panic, we've got you covered! When To Be Seen Most orthodontic... read more »

Getting Your Child’s Smile Ready for the New School Year Wearing Braces

Back-To-School ads are off and running as summer winds down and a busy school year is on the horizon. If your child is also beginning the school year wearing braces, that will likely involve a huge adjustment for your child or teen. There will be dietary adjustments to make, extra care taken when practicing their daily dental hygiene routine, and... read more »

How Can an Orthodontist Fix Your Mouth and Jaws for Optimal Alignment?

Do you know the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist? Both work hard to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, but we orthodontists have additional training so we can treat tooth and jaw misalignment. We also participate in a two- to three-year residency, finishing with over 4,800 hours of orthodontic training under our belt! Orthodontic Training Not only do... read more »