Tips to Handling Discomfort & Pain When First Wearing Braces

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Straightening teeth is no easy feat, and sometimes, discomfort or even pain can result in the initial phase and after adjustments; however, there are tips to ensuring your comfort with braces. At Shenandoah Valley Orthodontics, our dentist may have other suggestions to help with any discomfort and would welcome your call to 540-667-9662. To start with, it may be a good idea to take some ibuprofen on the day of your appointment, to help with any tenderness. Other tips include:


  • Gargling with salt water – when you use salt water, it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling, associated with pressure being applied to your teeth. Typically a few teaspoons in a glass of warm water, 3 times a day, is efficient and can help greatly with discomfort.
  • Topical medication, such as Orajel or Anbesol, can be applied to the gums, as well, or in conjunction with oral medication; although, that is typically only used when you have sensitive gums, due to gum disease. A few times a day, such as a morning and night, works best.
  • Ice cream or ice water can help numb the teeth after having braces placed and after each adjustment.
  • Eating soft foods for a few days after may help lessen the pain and tenderness, since they do not require much chewing. Mashed potatoes, applesauce, yogurt, and ice cream are good choices.
  • Avoid acidic foods and beverage – especially ones that contain citrus, because they can aggravate mouth sores or other discomforts in the mouth


Hopefully, these brace-wearing tips in Winchester, Virginia, will take care of the discomfort. Please get in touch with us if pain continues after a few days of adjustments or after a week for newly placed braces.