Oral Hygiene Tips for When You Are Aligning Your Smile With Invisalign®

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If you’re aligning your smile with Invisalign®, then you need to do everything you can to have the best orthodontic journey possible. One thing you should and need to do is keep up with oral hygiene. To help you have the proper oral hygiene routine while you align your teeth with Invisalign, our orthodontists, Dr. Damon W. DeArment, are happy to share some tips with you. Those tips are:

-Brush after each meal: This is recommended because if you don’t brush after each meal, the food particles can get trapped under your aligner and attack the teeth, causing dental issues. So, keep your toothbrush and toothpaste with you so you can brush regularly.

-Floss at least once a day: This can help you remove food particles, plaque and bacteria from between your teeth and along the gumline. If you can floss more often, like after each time you brush, do it so the harmful substances don’t get trapped under the aligner.

-Attend your routine dental checkups: Your routine dental cleanings and exams are vital for a top-notch oral health and smile as well as a successful orthodontic journey. So, make sure to attend your checkups every six months.

-Clean your aligner: You can clean your aligner by rinsing it every time you remove it as well as deep cleaning it regularly with the Invisalign cleaning kit.

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