Our friendly team at Shenandoah Valley Orthodontics are dedicated to helping you achieve a healthy, straight, beautiful smile. We have a combined 200 years of experience between us, and work hard to provide you with the quality care you deserve in a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere. Give us a call today to learn more about orthodontics in Winchester and Front Royal, Virginia, and to schedule your consultation with our orthodontists. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Jody, Accounts Manager

Jody grew up in Loudoun County, VA, and started working at SVO in 2010. When asked why she loves our office, she says, “Who wouldn’t love working with such a great team in a fun environment with awesome patients?” Jody is happily married with two beautiful daughters. She loves fitness, craft beer, and spending time at the beach. On her bucket list are goals such as running a 10k, going on a transatlantic cruise, and winning the lottery.

Kelley, Marketing Director

Kelley loves working at SVO because every day is exciting and challenging and our team rocks! Family is everything to Kelley; she is very close to her mom, dad, siblings, nieces, and nephews, and they spend a lot of time together. She is a mom to Christopher and Emma, who fill her heart. Kelley’s goals are to travel to all seven continents (she only has two left—Australia and Africa—and will pass on Antarctica), go on a girls’ trip to Vegas with lots of cash in her pocket, and have a pet bison on her parents’ farm (she is still convincing them on this).

Judi, Operations Manager

Judi has worked with SVO since 1987 and is happy to work with a fun team and with patients. She strives to give patients an AMAZING smile! She enjoys spending time with her family and going on vacations with her husband and daughter. She loves being outdoors and playing with her dogs. Her bucket list includes going to a Cowboys game in Dallas, visiting Hawaii for vacation, and one day moving to the beach.

Bethany, Team Lead/Treatment Coordinator

Bethany has been in the orthodontic field for many years and loves working with the kids and adults, seeing their smiles and their confidence grow. She appreciates being in an atmosphere where she can have fun accomplishing beautiful smiles. Bethany and her husband have two kids, who are involved in sports. They also have a small farm. Bethany enjoys cookouts, camping, and going to the beach. She plans to go to Hawaii, swim with dolphins, and visit New York City during Christmastime.

Ashley Hoffman, Team Lead/Technician

Ashley loves seeing patients before and after treatment and seeing the changes in their smile happen. A smile can change someone’s life, and it is an awesome feeling to know that she played a part in that. Ashley has been married to her best friend for quite a few years, and they have two dogs that are spoiled rotten. She enjoys DIY projects, hiking, and biking. One day, she wants to travel to Ireland, see the Aurora Borealis, and learn to play a musical instrument.

Abby, Scheduling Coordinator

Abby loves SVO because everyone is so extraordinarily nice, which creates an incredible work environment. It is also amazing for her to be able to take part in providing the very best customer service to each and every patient. Abby is a mother to the most incredible daughter, Eva, and she speaks Spanish and teaches Zumba fitness classes in her free time. Abby’s bucket list includes climbing Machu Pichu, running a marathon, and backpacking across Europe.

Karyn, Scheduling Coordinator

Karyn loves her job as SVO for many reasons. Her top two are 1) the doctors, who are beyond gracious, kind, thoughtful and caring and truly appreciate the team, and 2) her coworkers, who are awesome and work together to help one another out. Every day at the office, there is laughter, jokes, honesty, and friendship. Karyn and her husband, Richard, are raising their incredible son, Jaron. Her family is her world. In her free time, she enjoys exercises such as yoga and running. Karyn dreams of going on a European trip. She wants to see Italy, Paris, and Greece and take her family with her. She also wants to go on a tropical vacation with her entire family—parents, siblings, niece, and nephew.

Kelly, Scheduling Coordinator

Kelly loves her job at SVO because the entire team always strives to create a positive and happy work environment. There are a lot of smiles and laughter on a daily basis, and it is a joy to come to work. Kelly was born and raised in Clarke County, and has been married to her husband for over three decades. She has three beautiful children, Jenna, Caitlin, and Kasey, and enjoys spending time with good friends, family, and a wonderful extended family. Kelly recently became an empty nester, so she is working on creating a new bucket list. She wants to start with seeing Niagara Falls and a show on Broadway.

Jackie, Treatment Coordinator

Jackie joined the practice in 2001. She loves the number of people that she gets to know and interact with. Being involved in the community by giving back through United Way and other projects is important to her. Jackie has been married to her best friend Todd for over 20 years. They have three very busy athletic sons-Nathan, Trenton, and Ethan. Nathan and Trenton play college sports at Radford and Shepherd universities with Ethan in middle school involved in travel sports. She enjoys watching them do what they love and has a passion for photography, especially taking photos of her boys. One day she hopes to travel widely and maybe pick up some new hobbies.

Tara, Treatment Coordinator

SVO is a great place to work! We are like family here and work well together. Tara loves knowing that our team can create amazing smiles and change people’s lives, helping them gain confidence. She also loves her family, including her amazing husband, Donny, and her three wonderful children, Daniel, Ryan, and Taylor. Tara enjoys going to the beach and hopes to live there some day! She also wants to go skydiving, get a tattoo, and fly in a hot air balloon.

Alisia, Technician

Alisia loves her job at SVO because she enjoys the patients and her great coworkers. She lives in Clarke County, VA, with her husband, Abel, and her two children, Sonya and Damien. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Alisia has a bucket list of goals to travel to Hawaii with her family, travel across the country, and meet Enrique Iglesias.

Angelina, Lab Technician

Angelina has been a part of our team since 1999, and she loves working at SVO because she works with a bunch of great ladies and doctors. She enjoys working in the lab behind the scenes, and she takes great pride in what she does. Angelina is married to a great guy, Mitch, and they have a beautiful daughter, Brianna. Angelina loves to spend time with her family. She dreams of vising Hawaii, moving to Tennessee, and learning to play the piano.

Ashley Huntley, Lab Technician

Ashley considers herself so fortunate to work for such a family-oriented practice and have the opportunity to learn new innovative skills. She is married to her husband, James, and they have three girls, who bring a zest to their daily lives. Her family enjoys spending time together, camping and hiking. Ashley hopes to take her family to Hawaii one day, as well as visit Greece and see the pyramids in Egypt.

Bonnie, Technician

Bonnie loves her job at SVO because she loves helping people of all ages achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. She also enjoys working with an amazing team of doctors and technicians! Bonnie and her husband have two boys, one serving in the US Navy and the other attending high school as a junior. She loves spending time with her family, as well as baking, hiking, and football. Bonnie wants to learn to rock climb, tour Europe, and have more free time to volunteer..

Heather H., Technician

Heather is happy to work with such caring doctors, and loves seeing the individual changes and transformations in each patient over the years. Heather enjoys working out and being active with her family. She has four children, three of which keep her very busy going to activities. Heather hopes one day to own a motorcycle, go on a cruise or travel to certain places, and become a nurse.

Janie, Technician

Janie loves our patients! Hands down, we have the best patients, and it is a great feeling to be able to be a part of making people’s lives better by helping give them an SVO smile! Janie is the mom of three boys (and a football mom—go Warriors!). She enjoys home improvement projects and spending time with her kids and beautiful Bulldog, Molly. Among her life goals are visiting Egypt, lifelong financial security, and retiring and moving to Puerto Rico.

Jessica, Technician

Jessica loves working with the best orthodontic team/family around. She feels very lucky to work for doctors who are so caring, considerate, and compassionate about their patients and their team. It is always a great day for braces here at SVO! Jessica is the mom of the two amazing, talented boys, and she loves watching them do great things in life and on the soccer field. She also enjoys running and hiking with her husband and is always up for a new adventure with her family. Jessica looks forward to one day moving to Hawaii, travelling, and running a full marathon.

Kathy W., Technician

Kathy joined SVO in 1984 and loves working with people and being part of a great team! Outside work, she enjoys cooking, taking care of her husband and family, doing Pampered Chef, working in the yard when the weather is nice, and spending as much time as she can at the beach. She is not a fan of winter. Kathy plans to one day have a place at the beach, become a Pampered Chef director, and win the lottery.

Renée, Technician

Renée loves the feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction when seeing a patient’s completed case. She also loves the patients and her work family. She is the mom of two kids, who keep her busy with sports, and she’s happy watching her kids do what they love. Her hobbies include spending time in the outdoors, gardening, cooking, and baking. To complete her bucket list, she plans to travel to all 50 states (she’s over halfway there!), ride on a float with her family during Mardi Gras, and meet Dolly Parton.

Kathy B., Technician

Kathy has been in the dental field since 1981. She realized that orthodontics was her passion in life, and she loves working at SVO because she feels truly blessed to have three wonderful doctors who care about their staff and are very generous to us all. This is her niche in life; she loves working with people and creating beautiful smiles. Kathy has been married for 40 years and has a son, daughter, and grandson. She loves to sing in her church choir and enjoys solos and duets. She has a 17ft Key Largo boat that she and her family like taking out on weekends for skiing, fishing, and swimming. Kathy’s long-term goals include vacationing in Ireland, going back to Hawaii, and keeping her orthodontic certification up to date.

Chewie - SVO Mascot

I am SVO's awesome mascot!
3 Things Still On My Bucket List:
  • Fly to Disneyland in Orlando
  • Compete in the Mascot Olympics
  • Meet Will Ferrell. I love his quote,
    "I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite!"
Why I Love My Job:
SVO is my family, and I love being in the office every day. I especially enjoy when they take me to the Kids Bloomin' Mile and other events in our community.