Invisalign® First for Those Who Don’t Like Braces

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Invisalign® First clear aligners allow our orthodontist to use Invisalign® technology to treat children who have a mixture of primary and permanent teeth (usually between the ages of 7-10 years old). Invisalign® First is effective at fixing a wide range of malocclusions in your child’s bite and does so more comfortably and conveniently than traditional methods.

This technology can make positional corrections in those teeth that are still growing in, help with dental arch expansion (expanding and contouring their jawline) and make space for incoming permanent teeth.

Aligning your child’s bite early can prevent additional problems or alignment issues later. It also establishes a healthy foundation for the eruption of their incoming adult teeth.

How Invisalign® First Works

– The Invisalign® First clear aligners employ SmartForce features with attachments created for those who have shorter tooth crowns, letting our orthodontist predict the tooth movements required to develop the arch form properly.

– The Invisalign® First clear aligners employ SmartStage technology that creates right the contacts and forces to support the tooth movement required for the developing arch form.

– The SmartTrack aligner material will fit your child comfortably by applying a gentle, constant force on their teeth that align the teeth coming and the changing dentition.

Although you might be hesitant to agree that your child will be able to wear the aligners responsibly and routinely, most parents report that they are very pleased with how well their child wears their aligners. The progress these tiny teeth make in a short amount of time is fantastic. Just ask us to see an example of our other Invisalign® First successes.

Your child can brush and floss normally without using extra cleaning tools that are often necessary with traditional braces. They can eat their favorite foods without worrying about damaging brackets, and because there’s no hardware, there is less chance of incurring emergency visits.

We will apply any insurance benefits available for this orthodontic treatment. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled orthodontists, please give us a call today at one of our convenient locations.