Invisalign® First Can Help Your Child’s Developing Smile Grow Straighter, Healthier and More Beautiful

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Did you know that our Shenandoah Valley Orthodontic team provides early orthodontic solutions for children who need them with our Invisalign® First system? The goal of this treatment is to help your child prevent dental problems down the road. Referred to as a “Phase One” treatment, it is an intervention designed to halt and treat problems that are developing while still in the early, easiest-to-treat stage.

Early Orthodontic Intervention

This teeth straightening system helps children between 7 to 10 years old by fixing issues going on in their oral structure as well as the alignment of their teeth. Like its other versions, Invisalign First uses clear aligners and addresses everything from simple problems to crowded teeth, spaced teeth and issues from having a narrow dental arch. While it is common for parents to begin having their child’s smile evaluated for orthodontics when they are in their pre-teen years, early intervention, as early as 7, can make a big difference. This can mean treating their developing problems before they require more intrusive treatments later on in life.

The reason you should have your child’s teeth checked at the age of seven is that orthodontists will be able to spot these problems while the permanent teeth are coming in. Starting treatment around this age also works well because the jawbone is still growing, making it more malleable. This creates the perfect window of opportunity to deal with issues that would be much harder to address later on.

Invisalign First also helps your child keep a healthier mouth as the aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing their teeth, unlike braces. These clear aligners are also comfortable, as their smooth design doesn’t involve discomfort from braces with brackets that rub and wires that can poke soft tissues. This system essentially corrects your child’s oral health issues while providing them with a positive orthodontic experience in the process.

How does Invisalign First work?

First, our orthodontist will screen your child’s mouth as early as age 7, to see if it needs orthodontic intervention while their jaw is growing. Aligning the jaws early can help your child avoid future orthodontic problems, including the following:

-The development of their arches and expanding narrow arches
-Undesirable spacing between teeth or overcrowding
-Fixing overbites, underbites, crossbites and overjets
-Shifting protruding teeth
-Aligning their teeth properly

Giving your child the gift of a healthy, appealing smile is easier than ever before. Constantly evolving orthodontic technology and techniques mean that you can access the help your child needs to have for a healthier mouth and even higher self-esteem. We encourage you to bring your child in for an orthodontic evaluation if you think they might need treatment later or just to have them check out preventatively.

Our skilled orthodontic team in Winchester, Virginia, is excited to help your child’s smile develop properly. Our orthodontists, Dr. Damon W. DeArment or Dr. Daniel J. Lill can use Invisalign First to guide your child’s smile. Please call 540-667-9662 today to inquire further!