Got Questions About Retainer Care? Here Are Your Answers

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Having questions about retainer care can be quite detrimental. In fact, not knowing how to properly care for your retainer can result in your appliance failing to keep your smile strong, healthy and attractive. So, it’s very important to properly and effectively care for your retainer regularly. To help you find the answers to your questions about retainer care, our orthodontists, are happy to provide the answers to commonly asked questions here:

Question No. 1: How should I clean my retainer?

Answer: You should clean your retainer regularly to prevent plaque buildup. You can clean your retainer by rinsing it with water and brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste regularly. You can also use denture cleaning solution if necessary.

Question No. 2: How should I care for my retainer?

Answer: You should care for your appliance by keeping it in the case provided and in a safe place when it’s not in the mouth. This can reduce your chances of breaking, damaging or losing it. You should also avoid putting it in hot environments or in areas where your dog can reach it.

Question No. 3: What happens if I lose or damage my retainer?

Answer: You will need to come into our office and pay for a replacement. This will typically require two different appointments.

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