Common Bite Problems That Orthodontics Can Remedy

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The various orthodontic treatment options are more effective and comfortable than ever before. No matter the malocclusion issue that you or your loved one suffers from, orthodontic treatment can provide the answer. Dr. Damon W. DeArment and our team have put together information about common bite issues for your convenience.

If you have an overbite, your upper front teeth come too far in front of the lower teeth. Most people have at least a slight overbite. If an overbite is severe, it is known as a deep bite. A deep bite can cause teeth to wear down and the jaw to become sore.

In an underbite, the lower front teeth sit in front of the upper front teeth. Those with an underbite may have a hard time chewing and speaking properly. An underbite can also cause the teeth to wear down.

If some of the upper teeth sit inside of the lower teeth instead of slightly outside of the lower teeth, you may have a crossbite. A crossbite can cause the teeth to wear down or to become chipped. A crossbite can also cause gum recession and other gum problems.

Open Bite
An open bite occurs when the upper and lower teeth don’t meet together when you bite down. An open bite can make it difficult to bite into foods and to chew.

Crowded Teeth
If there isn’t enough room in your jaw for your teeth to fit as they should, crowded teeth may be the result. The teeth can twist, overlap, become bunched up, and even get pushed to the front or the back.

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