A true orthodontic emergency is rare, but when it does occur, our team is here for you. In general, you should contact Shenandoah Valley Orthodontics if you are experiencing severe oral pain or an uncomfortable appliance issue that you cannot address yourself. Our team will schedule an appointment to address the problem.

You may be surprised to find out that you can solve many orthodontic problems temporarily until you are able to see our orthodontists.

We invite you to refer to the following videos as guidance. When adjusting your appliances, it is important to know the name of each appliance piece so that you know which part needs to be adjusted. Once you have alleviated your pain, contact our office at 540-667-9662 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment so that your team can repair the problem. Ignoring a damaged appliance or delaying repairs for an extended period of time can disrupt your treatment plan and extend your treatment time.

Please feel free to contact our office today to learn more about orthodontic emergency care in Winchester, Virginia, and schedule your appointment with our orthodontists, Dr. Damon DeArment, Dr. Daniel Lill, and Dr. Ashley Larson. We are eager to help you enjoy a comfortable, pain-free smile.